Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Because someone was hurt

A pedestrian was hit by a vehicle about six blocks from my place this morning.

I heard a helicopter on the scene soon after I woke up. I then heard on the radio that an accident had happened. The radio, doing what it needed to do, warned people that there was a backup at SE Milwaukie and Holgate.

A lot of the people who were (maybe still are) stuck in the backup caused by this probably don't know why they're backed up. I only know the cause of the backup, not the result: how badly was the pedestrian hurt? Was the walker worse than hurt? (An odd was to put it, but you get what I mean.) I feel bad for the person who was hurt.

Once again, a reminder: it can be too easy to get hurt. So I'll be even more vigilant a walker when I walk (in a different direction) to work this morning.

Sad Update: A fatal hit-and-run. Dammit, it had to be a fatal hit-and-run. Tommy Zane Gann died from his injuries while crossing Holgate; the driver who struck him has not been found.

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