Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

All About Him (not an entry about me)

Oh, it was just that one guy.

Training this week for my new job has been productive, but for a few days it times, tense. In a way it shouldn't have been. The cause: someone loud.

Not all the time loud, but often. Someone who felt the need to Add Something About Most Everything. Commenting. Opinionating. And also arguing. And it got frustrating because the guy was sometimes pointing out true stuff, but tangential stuff, and getting hung up on it. Or he'd actually be helpful, taking care of someone's computer problem or giving a good piece of advice, then he'd stop being helpful. While still being loud.

He also seemed angry. He'd joke about it, but he still seemed angry. He seemed easily pissed-off-able. He said if he could ensure no one would get hurt, he'd like to blow up a college in my state. Because he doesn't like it. He didn't say why.

I resisted the urge to grumble about the guy. Others in my training group mentioned at break how they couldn't hear our trainer over him. And we need to hear our trainer more than we need to hear this guy's opinions on Sicilian food or Tyler Perry films.

He was making it All About Him.* And now he'll do that somewhere else, because after yesterday's shift he got fired.

And today's training session was muuuuuuuuuuch more relaxed. Huh. Imagine that.

* As a blogger, I'm sensitive to that. *grins wryly*
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