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More. It's possible. Doing more, I mean.

I was going to post about how I visited the century-old SE Portland skating rink that, if you're a Leverage fan, you saw in the episode "The Van Gogh Job," and left with a flier for the hours and events at the rink because I'd like to roller-skate again...but it'd be much more interesting to post about how I'd gone skating again, right?

I can't do that yet. And I'm worried I'll set off a little personal mental landmine: too often, when I say "I want to do something" or "I'm going to do something," it's as if the thinking of that thought makes me feel I've already done what I said I wanted to do.

Thinking ain't the same as doing, but sometimes I have to tell myself that.

Oaks Park is a neat place. It's also a manageable trip to there from my place -- I walked there and back this afternoon -- so I should take advantage. The rink there is open at least six days a week, sometimes more; it's only $6 a skate; I should take advantage of that! I HAVE THE LEGS FOR ROLLER-SKATING. And the ankles. But I haven't.

I may not have roller-skated since the 1980s; maybe I last did it in the 1990s, but that's unlikely. I've never used in-line skates. I can't remember if I've ever ice-skated; I'm guessing no. Doesn't interest me. Roller-skating does. So why haven't I done it?

Chris, I'm giving you permission to do it one of these weekends. You'll like it. Sincerely, me.

I still had a good walk to the rink then up to SE 13th Ave., the central street of Sellwood, while being impressed at the sight of the moved-over Sellwood Bridge (seriously, last month engineers lifted the bridge and moved it over, 30 to 60-plus feet, to temporary supports so a new bridge can be built where the bridge used to be; HOW OFTEN DO YOU MOVE A BRIDGE?!), enjoying the moderately cool weather, and getting some reading in. But I tend to do that. You know I walk a lot; you know I read a lot; but how many times can I say that?

I can say more. I can do more.

Later Edit: Also, people play roller derby at the Oaks Park rank. It's a lot like this (as kylecassidy photographed it; scroll down). I COULD WATCH THAT. Why haven't I?
Tags: peregrinations, portland

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