Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

My weekend's entries, let me show you them

A lot of y'all have been busy. (That included some of you getting to see Peter David surprise people at Farpoint. Yay PAD!) So it's been a quiet weekend on a lot of our online haunts. Me, I was having a quiet weekend where I had time to write stuff, and I'm proud of a lot of what I wrote. Thus, links:

Like to my appreciation of the band The Rutles, which was a joke band that became, nicely, more than a joke band.

And how I've been movin' with a purpose, getting more walks in and not needing the bus as much. Yay adapting to this month's budget!

I also was willing to share ideas from my (still)-fledgling days writing more than blog stuff. Fiction can be hard, and I've made mistakes. But it amused me to write about them.

Then I had thoughts on the first Hobbit movie. (An aside? While writing about hobbits yesterday, I misspelled it "Hobbot." Robot hobbits are something that must never happen.)

And finally, as I wound down to prepare for this week, I thought about how I can do more, to (at least) have more to write about. Because I can be busy in other ways than blogging.

Have the best week y'all can...
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