Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Just a nice night last night (with Baby Adventures)

For a bit, a child led us. At Geek Trivia last night a toddler boy, well, toddled around the center aisle of the Kennedy School theater and got a couple of hundred trivia players to either clap or raise their arms on cue. We cheered him on. He looked like he was thinking, accepting the moment and seeing what he could do. He also seemed pretty chill about it: he didn't get scared of 200 people being loud and sometimes louder. He just, basically, led cheers.

It was adorable. And adding to the nice moment was that Geek Trivia co-host Cort Webber, who's a dad to two girls, played with the boy as well, gesturing full-bodily (plus, he's tall) and also even showing his belly to make the kid possibly smile. Cort's willing to be silly to amuse kids. And he knows how. It's a side of Cort we in the public don't usually see.

In many ways, Geek Trivia last night was fun. The team I was on even placed third in Round 1; we didn't place in Round 2 or get the Grand Prize, but we played well on a strong night and had fun doing so.

I can sometimes get too spun-up at trivia, too argumentative; I can have personality collisions, and I get less comfortable and less happy when that happens. I was fine last night. It was a feel-good night. Also a visit-with-good-people night.
Tags: portland, radio

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