Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Momma told me there'd be days like this. Also, I told me. Experience!

My first crazy day at the call center. Hard calls. Confused people. And I got to work before I saw I'd left my badge and my glasses at home. Argh. OK, off to main lobby and the front desk so I could get a temporary badge. "Lesson learned!" I said to the person at the front desk once she'd confirmed with one of my department's supervisors that I was a worker, not a thief or terrorist, and was allowed to have a temp badge. I was surprisingly chipper when I said that. I was less chipper a few hours into the shift.

The Multipass would probably be attached to your person, not carried like it is in The Fifth Element. That's my hunch. No way to forget it.

Anyway, work was work. I won't share the details, though some of them are amusing. Probably a good habit -- confidentiality is good, plus by not writing about them I'm more likely not to dwell on them. Life hack! That helps. So does the buttered popcorn (topped with Parmesan cheese, too) I'm noshing. I won't make a habit of having dessert as my first food once home, but why not for these first few days?

But. I'm earning. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat's the priority.

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