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It's about "Darkman," so it calls for an explosion icon

Hi. Still waking up. Feels like whatever sprang forward last night stepped on me.

But! I can think and I can type. And yesterday was a nice day.

Before yesterday, of course, was Friday. Another work day, which I ended differently than I've been lately by going out afterward. For now I can stay up later, and to take advantage of that I went to a late-ish film at the Laurelhurst: its revival showing of the Sam Raimi action film Darkman (1990). Deeply hammy, that one; I had to remind myself that several of the actors in it are actually good (Liam Neeson! Frances McDormand! Colin Friels channeling a future jackass version of Seth MacFarlane!), but the whole point of that film was to be old-fashioned and melodramatic and, um, yell-y. Helps keep the actors from getting lost among the explosions and wild camera moves. Larry Drake as emergency backup bad guy Robert G. Durant is still a blast, even removed from the 1990 context of the film where at the same time, he was also playing the gentle assistant Benny on L.A. Law. My screening had a lot of not-entirely-intended laughter...and, criminally, NO CHEER FOR BRUCE CAMPBELL'S CAMEO AT THE END. For shame, Oregonians! Your favorite adoptive Oregonian appears on screen looking tragic, you cheer!

Anyway, I still kind of like the film (and have a soft spot for Danny Elfman's Max Steiner-on-steroids score -- though I got home wanting to listen not to that score, but the much gentler score to Edward Scissorhands that Elfman wrote later that year), but I agree more with Peter David and his assessment of the film.

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