Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
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Saturday, Saturday, Saturday

My goal each blood donation day is to be in a good mood. I react to losing a pint of blood kind of the way people react to having alcohol: my emotions get hyped. At one of my early donations, I made the mistake of reading the climax of Ender's Game while at the Red Cross donation center. EVEN KNOWING WHAT WAS ABOUT TO HAPPEN, I got saddish.

So donation days are about me treating myself especially well, and being jaunty about it, because why not emphasize that? So before I donated, I treated myself to my first Big-Ass Sandwich in a while. I was the first customer on Saturday, even (I got the Caesar-salad sandwich with ham), and was able to make recommendations to first-time customers giving BAS a try. It gladdened me to see a whole family, also among the first customers that day, gathered around the end of their pickup's bed eating sandwiches like they were at a tailgate party. Family bonding over good food!

I was jaunty and joke-y at the donation center, too. Also made sure to show off my Can't Stop the Serenity 2012 T-shirt (drawn by Mike Russell). The sun outside helped: I paused before going in just to soak in some light. Vitamin D is a good thing, one of the best things...

The afternoon, post-donation, I spent hanging out in North and Northeast Portland: up to a library to use wifi, walking around to see more of the neighborhood near that library -- Portland Community College's Cascade campus, Jefferson High School, and a clever bit of street art where someone had glued dozens of pennies onto a square of sidewalk:

Coins North Portland

My need to gather coins meant I did try to pick up a coin. To my credit, I only tried to pick up one.

After that, I dropped in on cousins of mine -- my cousin Steph, her husband Paul and their daughter Eloisa -- who live not far from there, because I wanted to see if it was okay to drop in unexpectedly. Yes it is, but I'll try to give them more notice in the future, because politeness. Still, nice to visit, and yay for having more family close! They're fostering chickens for friends of theirs, so I got to meet the chickens in their coop in the backyard. I admire a creature that can sleep standing up. I'm not coordinated enough for that. I also got fuzz therapy with their dog Rufus. My family members have had generally good luck with good dogs. (By the way, we're mostly dog people.)

Then some shopping errands, then home in time to watch the Portland Timbers allllllllllllllmost tie a game against the Montreal Impact but not quite make it to that. I did some yelling and cringing. Soccer does that. Or rather, I let soccer do that to me. Heck, I can always be more used to disappointment. It should make any eventual victories sweeter.
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