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Chris Walsh

Whoa! A person I see on TV was in a place! A real one!

Downtown today: Powell's to buy kradical's novel Leverage: The Zoo Job, the central library to get another book -- and get wifi at various places because I have an iPad and I need not to be afraid to use it *grins* -- and then Kenny & Zukes, because matzoh ball soup needed to get into me. I should have it more, and hey, I had a chance to have it. Now it's digesting.

While I was waiting for it, I read at a counter. Then an actor I recognized came in, and stopped at the to-go counter in front of me. The actor is a cast member from Grimm, a fantasy-procedural that I've been enjoying and which shoots in Portland.

GOSSIP WILL NOT COMMENCE HERE. And even if something gossip-worthy had happened at Kenny & Zukes, I like to think I wouldn't blog about it, because: I don't want to be the Make A Big Deal Person.

My God! A person needs food! And is getting it from a food provider! And, when he isn't eating, gets in front of cameras and does a job that, of course, just happens to be seen by large numbers of people all over the country. The cast of Grimm has earned its reputation about being open and friendly to fans, viewers and people in general -- I know people who vouch for them being good people -- but I didn't want to test that. I worried I'd be obnoxious about it. I got (and get, present tense) worried I'd make it All About Me, as I keep worrying I'd do. "Hey! I'm someone you don't know who sees you! Trust me, not in a creepy way or anything!" Or "Whooooooa! You have such a cool job and it's so cool you do it here!" I keep in mind that a job is a job is a job. Beyond that, would I have anything to say to the person? Probably, actually, because you can always find ways to connect to others. I did that (when I could) at my newspaper reporter job: try to be ready to talk to anyone about anything, sometimes with very little prep. But a star of almost anything on television gets those encounters all. The. Time. And doesn't necessarily want to be meeting and greeting the world. I know I wouldn't.

He did meet with a couple of people at the to-go counter. Then he got his food and got going, and now I feel like I'm gossiping just saying that, even though it's as basic as "Someone was somewhere and then somewhere else." If I started telling a story about him beyond that, you should be suspect. Maybe I'm making something up. Maybe I'm extrapolating from limited info. Maybe, somehow, I wouldn't be fair, in my need to have An Anecdote so I can tell A Story.

So this is a journal entry about almost nothing, because more than that is not my story to tell. This journal should be about my story.

I do feel OK about telling this other anecdote: I didn't say hi to someone once. Another actor, someone else you'd likely recognize, and the actor was sitting in front of the hotel where I'd stayed for San Diego ComicCon. Maybe where he'd stayed, too. It was at convention's end, and he looked tired. I thought "I could say hi -- but I'm really tired, and considering he was probably far busier, he's probably exhausted. Better not to say hi." Discretion. Apparently it has something to do with valor, I've heard. And whoa, this sounds self-congratulatory: "I didn't make an ass of myself! Go me!"

Seems like a good default, not to be an ass. And to let people get on with living their lives and doing their jobs.

My geeking out: I indeed CAN hold it in check when I should!

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