Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Money successfully used (car successfully used, too (AND good junk food used, too))

One time I gave up something I'd subscribed to, because I looked at the finances of it and thought I'm basically spending $30 to save $7. Good lesson! All part of my efforts to be a better spender, efforts I should keep up as I (I hope) keep earning more money than I was earning the past few years.

Today I did save just over $10 when buying groceries, thanks to coupons, AND I make sure to use coupons for stuff I'm actually likely to buy. I don't go for anything approaching "extreme couponing"; that can become more about ZOMG TEH BARGAIN and less about getting use out of the product. So I get a little annoyed when I did have a coupon I could have used and forget to use it. Darn not saving that 55 cents!

Anyway, I'll pretend that 10 bucks paid for my treat before getting groceries, my late lunch at the Wilsonville Sonic. Partly becuase I wanted to see slightly different scenery than I usually do, and because I wanted to gas up at one of the Fred Meyer gas stations so I could get a 10-cent-per-gallon discount that I'd earned, I drove down to Wilsonville. I never drive that far for groceries, but it made sense this time. So my late lunch was a hot dog, a breakfast burrito (they're served all day at the drive-in), fried mozzarella sticks, and a grape slushie. This, to me, is a treat. I didn't need to commemorate the visit with photos, as I've already done that, two years ago.

Today turned out to be a decent day to road-trip, too, though the sun wasn't around after the morning. (At least the people who did Shamrock Run got sun. I went walking this morning a little after the Shamrock Run, and my walk happened right when the clouds decided to go all "peekaboo!" so that things cooled down. Oh, well, some sun then.) Tried, as always, to be a good -- and not-dumb -- driver, and not get too worked up about bad driving or bad pedestrian-ing. (A couple of people crossing 99E on foot, when they were maybe a quarter of a block away from a signaled crosswalk where drivers might expect them to be? Dumb.) Got to I-205, and got to get up to some speed -- not too fast! I try to be well-behaved that way* -- and down to Wilsonville. Which I last saw in September, thanks to taking the WES train down to it one afternoon. That's regular scenery for lots of people, but not for me. It did the job.

And that's been a bit of Sunday. I prrrrrrrobably won't spend more or drive more today...

* Though I did briefly, wistfully, look at the 80 on my speedometer. Sometimes I can do the fast thing.

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