Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

At least Dream-Me does good deeds

And reminds me that Awake-Me can do good deeds, too.

Dream-Me was driving through a wide-open office park-like area, nicely landscaped, with wide roads and near a park, and I see a man walking his dogs, including an adorable puppy. (Oh, wait, that's redundant.) Then as I drove further, I saw another dog completely on its own in the median of the road. That lone dog was holding up one of its paws like it was hurt.

I was able to pull over to the wide shoulder on the left, next to the medium, far enough away from the dog not to scare it off but close enough that we could watch each other, and I got out of the car and walked up to the dog slowly. The dog seemed in decent spirits, injured paw aside, but I was telling myself Just keep it calm -- don't make it dart off into traffic. I didn't scare it. I also didn't have to ait long before another car pulled up, and the dog's owners got out of it. The dog perked up right away; the owners thanked me for looking out for their dog; and I was thinking I didn't do that much...

In waking life, I worry about not doing good deeds. Or trying to do one and doing it badly, making a situation worse. And even when I do one well, part of me can wonder how I could've done it better. But Dream-Me's good deed went fine...and that I even dreamed about helping is probably a good sign, right?

In closing: I hope to help more.
Tags: dreams

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