Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Thank you, oysters, for being tasty fried.

Mom visited me in town today. We wanted to say hi, and we had family stuff to catch up on -- why not do it over lunch? Which Delta Cafe on Woodstock provided, because it's been months (too long, whatever it is) since I've been there and Mom had never been there. I'm not 100% sure she'd ever been to the Woodstock neighborhood, either -- she lived in Northeast Portland's Concordia neighborhood for most of the Sixties -- so she got to see different scenery. And liked her scramble. Me, I had and liked a dressed, fried oyster po'boy. Mom didn't mind me getting a little messy as I had it (I took off my glasses so as not to get too messy). Slaw, oysters and oil, which should never meet in nature, met in my mouth!

We caught up on family news, work news, exercise news (both my parents are into it now), and how calming fish are. The Delta has a decorative water feature with room for a few fish, and we watched them for a bit. "The chefs don't come over here," I said. Mom mentioned hearing about a restaurant where patrons chose the fish they were going to eat, the way people do with lobsters. So, that time I didn't outthink the world -- someone acted on the thought long before I thought it!

(Though maybe not even Japan's "sushi train" restaurants have the fish swimming there...)

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