Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

We need spring.
A nice spring's the thing.
If I were king
I'd hurry up spring.
Warm weather will ring
In the power of spring.
'Cause we all need to bring
Happier, warmer, sunnier times. Keen?, am I ready for it to be spring. I'll admit: several times, this winter has been grim. Kind of difficult. More difficult for other people I like, too.

Have I had a bit of S.A.D.? All I know is, like popfiend, apparently I'm solar-powered. Seeing light in the morning when I was headed to work at 6:40 a.m. last January was a needed thing, it felt like. Though I was still having trouble being warm enough -- I weigh less this winter than I did a year ago, so there's less of a layer between my insides and the cold outside -- and I was craving warmth.

You know where this is going. More places -- including where I am now -- are warmifying and lightening. And that is gladdening.

OK, now: I'll try to have the energy to use the warmth and light we're slowly getting more of to make it a good season. And a good year.

We need spring. A good spring.

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Tags: poetical

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