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Sorry, spider

Maybe after they get to a certain size* I wouldn't like them, but generally I like spiders. If I see them, I wave at them. They're there to help, by eating smaller creatures. Flies and other little bugs can annoy me; let the spiders, which don't annoy me, get food, right?

And I felt this so much that last week, when I found and killed teeny tiny bugs in my apartment, I left the bodies of the teeny tiny bugs on a window ledge in the room** where I'd last seen a spider. Want food, spider? Here's some!

That was last week. Maybe the spider had died in the meantime, or the spider had moved on, or the spider wasn't interested in non-moving prey, because the little bug bodies were still there. I picked them up and threw them out.

And, obviously, I don't really know that much about spiders. Somewhere, spider mother*** aoniedesade is shaking her head.

If I ever had a real pet spider, I'll learn more! More than Chris Quinn learned about caring for his pet ant...

* Like larger than my hand, maybe.

** Room not named, in deference to those of you who don't want to know where spiders could be.

*** Well, spider caretaker really. Spider mother implies something else if you think of it the way I'd think of it.

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