Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Being for the Benefit of Reading Frenzy!

Once again, a "use money to possibly help people" thing:

Last week I pledged to the Kickstarter campaign for Reading Frenzy, a small press/zine-focused store and publishing imprint that, for 17 years, was half a block from the downtown Powell's Books. RF recently lost its lease due to a building remodel, and has not yet been able to finalize a new location. It's raising funds to do so, because frustratingly, the store was actually doing really well in its former location, but now not having a location is a hindrance, you can tell.

So they're trying to find a better location, which I hope Portland has somewhere. And funds will help. The store's just over a third of the way there.

Here's the widget keeping track of the fundraiser's progress:

This is also a relatively rare case of me and Cory Doctorow agreeing on something! (He's a backer and has covered the campaign on Boing Boing.)
Tags: books, portland

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