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Better stuff. I *am* allowed to have it.

I indulged in a yard sale yesterday for maybe the first time in a year maybe two, and I'm happy with the relatively few things I got. I was good (I do still need less stuff, but fear not, I'm tackling that). It was also a great excuse to be social since the sale was put on by members of PDX Yar who I'm familiar with. I've missed a lot of them. I hadn't planned to go out to it when the day began, as it's on NE 121st near I-84 and not all that near me, but I reminded myself that I could count it as a road trip. And what was my last road trip? Wilsonville a few weeks ago, followed by Milwaukie last weekend, and neither of those were far. It's not like I was impromptu road-tripping to Tijuana, so why not another not-too-far trip?

So I got to hang out with a happy, smart-assing crew of people I like, and I bought fun stuff cheap. So, so tempted by a U.S.S. Enterprise shuttlecraft alarm clock, but no. Instead I bought handmade art, a Frozone action figure from "The Incredibles," a vintage Mountain Dew bottle -- at least my second decorative bottle! -- a Heinlein novel I haven't read yet ("The Cat Who Walks Through Walls"), a Dexter Jettster figure (the most important cook in the "Star Wars" universe!), and a genuine upgrade: earbud headphones.

Turns out these headphones work LOADS better on my iPad. They're plugged into this iPad now. My first few months of having this iPad, I've used the headphones from my little bubble-like radio/CD player that used to be my radio at my hospital job, but haven't gotten much use of since then. But the iPad seemed quiet when I'd use the headphones, plus the headphones were getting banged up from more use. I'm glad I spotted the little container with those buds. Ear buds. You know I mean those buds, right?

I got home fine from that excursion, and relaxed at home the rest of the night. at least as relaxed as I can be when the Timbers are playing, but the team pulled away from a usually formidable opponent, the Houston Dynamo, and stayed pulled away. 2-0! Phew. (Am I going to say "phew" about every Timbers win or tie? They can be known for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory...)

Today's been a walking day, with stops in a cafe and a library to use WiFi. And also to get the apps I need to watch some of the TV shows I realized I've been missing, like "Survivor" and "Grimm." To get more use out of this iPad, I need to think more in terms of apps. I'm not used to thinking that way -- I keep thinking "I want apps that do All The Things!" Can I upgrade my thinking? WHOA I BROUGHT THIS AROUND FULL CIRCLE. Elegant. I'm the best blogger.

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