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All of my transport today was on foot.

I was halfway through my peregrinations when I last posted ("Upgrades!"), and when I left the Belmont library where I'd been online I was able to get over to some Portland streets I haven't been on before. Off the beaten path = less likely to get hit by cars (unless suddenly all cars' friction got turned off, like in those reprogrammed Grand Theft Auto games), and you'll see different scenery. It encourages both looking around and feeling your way around instead of following a set, mapped-out path.

So on the way home, and on one of those roads I hadn't been on before, I saw a ruined garage, one of those that are unattached from the house because the house is on a hill sloping up from the street. (I kind of want those kinds of garages to have a secret tunnel connecting it to their houses' basements, because secret tunnels.) It was a garage just big enough for one car and for people to get out of it; now there was no roof, plus debris, weeds and an overturned couch "inside." Not what I expected to find in the middle of Portland, but neat. Even though it was messy, YEAH I KNOW.

Now I'm wishing I took pictures. I could have; I had my iPad in my backpack. But photo-taking under the wrong circumstances can be rude, and also taking a picture with a nine-and-a-half-by-seven-and-a-quarter-inch piece of gray plastic is a little conspicuous.

So just my eyes saw them. As do the eyes of whoever lives in the neighborhoods I wandered through, but that's obvious. (Sometimes I've obvious, sometimes.) Plenty of cute and/or impressive houses. Plenty of joggers. Plenty of walkers with their dogs. Plenty of passing cats who at least don't mind my presence. A deal at a Plaid Pantry I stopped at, where I got two bottles of Mexican Coke with sugar for $2.10 including the deposit. And a nice treat of dinner at a pizza place I hadn't been to before, on SE Gladstone just off of 39th/the recently-renamed Cesar Chavez Blvd.

And no rain. Until the last 15 or so minutes of my walk, when my lucky timing ran out (I'd been inside for each rainfall today) and I got drenched. But hey, all I was going to was home where I could get in a hot shower and warm up, so I just protected the stuff in my pockets from getting wet as well as I could and toughed it out for the rest of the walk. Made getting home and getting comfortable even more of a reward.

Likely I'll walk in my dreams. I do it a lot there.
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