Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

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Also, I'm let out in public why?

It was at about the Holgate Ave. viaduct over the Brooklyn rail yards, some 10-15 blocks from my apartment, when the rain finally got me today 'round 7 o'clock (I'd dodged it the entire day before that). I got drenched. And this thought went through my head:

"I could piss myself and it wouldn't look bad!"

No, Chris. Don't, Chris. Also, Chris, don't let your mind do anything with that random thought where it rewrote that line Morrissey sang for the Smiths: "Caligula would have brunched." Because at some level you'll want to imagine Caligula's restaurant, and you don't want to offend docbrite any more than he's already offended about brunch...
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