Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Sometimes, I get the news I need

It's good news. It's not mine to share, and it doesn't affect me directly-directly, but it's news that smile-ified me this morning.

Don't worry about the specifics. Just know something good's happening.

Sometimes the good can be as simple as seeing a happy birthday message yesterday for Tom Lehrer and thinking "Yes! People are still alive!" Sometimes it's knowing I did something good (with that chiding voice in me that says "Don't get too full of yourself; make sure you keep doing good things, not be all self-congratulatory about that One Good Thing you did..." Yes, my inner monologue goes on and on...). Sometimes it's reminding yourself of the Queen song "The Miracle" about good things that keep happening...

...just realized: as lovely a song as "The Miracle" is, it would've been a LOUSY fit in Highlander. Yes, I only just now realized that. Anyway...

...and sometimes it's a reminder that there are plenty of good people still around, still doing good.

Best of the good luck to everyone who's doing good. Do well at good, OK?

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