Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

"To Run - A Prayer For Boston" by Scott Poole

Still in the midst of a week that's been the extremely wrong kind of "explosive." The Boston Marathon bombing; the West, Texas fertilizer plant explosion; last night's firefight and last night/this morning's manhunt in the Boston area, not far from where friends of mine are -- and part of me wants to just ignore that and distract myself with, say, the new Star Trek Into Darkness trailer. I've had to remind myself of the people who haven't distracted themselves, who didn't have or didn't choose the option to avoid the bad stuff. They're doing what they can, whether they're investigating or they're treating people hurt in all these events or even they're helping keep up a sense of humor while such unfunny difficulties take place.

I then made sure to seek out and read one response to this week, written by house poet Scott Poole of Portland's Live Wire Radio. He's often hilarious, like when he writes a poem on the spot inspired by each week's Live Wire episode, and then he can still do this:

To Run
~a prayer for Boston by Scott Poole

To run
is to rise above the weak spirit
is to take on pain
is to push pain in the chest
with both palms

stumbling over garbage,
gravel, fragments of life,

is to say I will take you
on in the street.
Every breath of mine
is a battering ram,

shoving, crushing,
swinging a hammer of air.

I am a body of fast moving blood
inhaling you
taking you in like a tank.
I will consume your hate.

I will run straight into you
as if you were a finish line of joy,
picking up the fallen along the way
and you will never stop me,
you will never
stop me.

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