Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

In Which I Celebrate My Ability to Chew

Eight miles, more or less. That was today's walk. GO ME.

That was my only transportation today. Turned out to be a good day for a walk, and I was in the mood for one, plus I wanted to build up an appetite so I could eat (and finish) a Big-Ass Sandwich. I've had fewer sandwiches from them lately, for reasons of money, schedule and my jaw (see below), but today I could make it and so I did. I walked through nature areas to get there, too, detouring to Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge a little south of my apartment so I could walk north up the Springwater Corridor to get to inner Industrial SE, where Big-Ass Sandwiches is. Went past the Oregon Rail Heritage Museum that opened recently along that path, and also went past the bridge that's being built for the new Max light rail line. I stopped outside OMSI, getting some free wifi, and happened to see a live demonstration of what happens when you drop Mentos into diet soda. I WATCHED COLA FOUNTAINS. (OMSI at the moment is hosting a Mythbusters exhibit, is the thing.)

I mentioned "reasons jaw," and here's why: twice, TWICE, in the past two weeks I strained my jaw at work. ARGH. I had to be careful with how I chewed due to the first time, and after about a week I had mostly healed when I forgot myself and managed to strain it again. ARGH ONCE MORE.

(My jaw's a place where I carry stress, and there's some job-training stress at the moment -- I want to be sure I do this job really well, and I worry about falling short of that. Back in high school, one of my early times really dealing with stress, I started habitually to clench my teeth. Not grind, I'm glad I can say, but I became such a clencher that my dentist prescribed a mouth guard. The day he did that, he also called multiple people into the cleaning room where he'd worked on my mouth so other people could feel how well-developed my jaw muscles were.)

It wasn't until late this week that I felt recovered enough to do the big chewing needed to down a Big-Ass Sandwich, so I made it a point to do so.

Not a day of drama, except for the drama of Survivor because after my lunch I stopped at the Oregon Convention Center and used complementary wifi to watch one of the recent episodes. Nice to sit down. Next was more walking: up to NE Broadway to get a frappe and a cookie at Peet's Coffee, then over to Beulahland for coffee and what was supposed to be a small burger, but the cook accidentally made me a full-size burger. They charged me the small-burger price, and hey, I HAD NO PROBLEM EATING ALL OF IT. Again, my jaw is mighty once more. OK, sort of mighty.

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