Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

London Calling

Here's how anal-retentive an editor I am: I've been aware of the LiveJournal glitch that's causing Greenwich Mean Time ("the time for Londoners everywhere!") to appear in the time field for each entry, so for the last few entries I've manually reset the hour to Pacific Time.

I just spent a few minutes confirming that the day listed on my last three entries needed to be corrected, too, because I hadn't adjusted the day on my p.m. entries and they all were a day ahead (same as London at that particular time; gee, good thing LJ wasn't adjusting to Guam Time, huh?). I even looked in my day planner for notes and thought, "Yep, I did make the call Wednesday, so then I wrote about it Thursday, not Friday."

In other news, I might have really good news. I'll wait for family confirmation before posting it.

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