Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

"Star Trek." 'Nuff said.

...oh, I can say more.

I take Star Trek seriously enough that tonight after work I drove (meaning I'd driven to work this midday) to a theater near my place and bought an advance ticket for a midnight Wednesday screening of Star Trek Into Darkness.

I know almost nothing of what to expect: the filmmakers have played their cards very close to the vest, and I also haven't dug as deep into the online information people have dug up (or claimed to have dug up) as I could have. I want to be surprised. Happily, I hope. I have my theories, but as my main theory is based on one moment in the most recent trailer that's gone out for the film, I'm probably wrong. We'll see. I'll definitely see.

As I said last time, please be good...please be good...please be good...
Tags: star trek

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