Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Quick words about...Popcorn!

To me and my taste buds, slightly stale popcorn still tastes good.

My family's eaten a lot of popcorn. We've even had novelty poppers, like one shaped like a wheeled cart. Eventually my parents dedicated a particular, very oil-encrusted (yes it's possible) pot to be our designated stove-top popper.

And we'd always have more bowls of popcorn than people. If all four of us were home, there'd be five. If it was three of us, like me, Mom and Dad, there'd be four. I'm guessing that when it's just Mom and Dad at home, there'll be three bowls. Maybe four.

And my brother T.J. or I would wake up to that extra bowl of popcorn -- left out overnight and cool but still good. Easy snack as I'd get other food; I spent most of my life not being a traditional breakfast eater, so I didn't mind.

I've always been pretty basic in my popcorn tastes. I don't even like kettle corn; too sweet for me. And we briefly got "gourmet" popcorn when we lived in Virginia Beach circa 1984. Some of the flavors were fruit. Or, as you can guess, fruity coating. That wasn't my fave. (I think that was more T.J.'s thing, but I'm going on nearly 30-year-old memories; I just associate my one trip to that gourmet popcorn place with him.) For me, it's some salt, maybe some butter ("artificially flavored butter-like grease," as Bloom County called it) and that would be it. It's only relatively recently that 've expanded my popcorn topping repertoire, and I expanded it to stuff like parmesan cheese or jalapeno Tabasco. Dad does me better in that regard and sometimes puts jalapenos in the pot when he pops it.

The popcorn I popped last night is still good, as I'm happy to report. It would've been too much popcorn to eat in one night, so I paced myself. Other nights I would've put the remainder in a sealed container, but last night I was feeling lazy. AND BEING LAZY WAS FINE.

You're surprised my tastes are often simple? Yay, I can still surprise you!

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