Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

As non-spoiler-y a thought on "Star Trek Into Darkness" as I can manage

Last night I saw Star Trek Into Darkness.

After that, after getting home and getting into bed and getting to sleep, I had a dream. In an awkward situation, I wound up helping someone who was having a truly, epically bad day. Someone was ill to the point of vomiting, and emotional to the point of bawling...and I helped carry that person into a shower to clean up. I held that person as the water ran over us, wetting me and cleaning her, and I knew I'd do my best to hold her up as long as she needed holding.

I helped. I wanted to help.

The crew of the starship Enterprise, a crew I've followed avidly in various forms since I was 9 years old 30 years ago, is a crew of people who help. Who want to help. And this new film, with all these Young Turks both in front of and behind the camera reimagining one of the most important icons of my life, as the 2009 Star Trek did before this, absolutely nailed that. This smart-assed, sexy, headstrong, hilarious collection of people in brightly-colored shirts all want, ultimately, to help: help the people they know, the races they encounter, the universe they live in.

Here, they do so in a story that's big, sprawling, and ultimately messy and likely too complicated. I have a hunch I'll be nitpicking some of the decisions the makers of Star Trek Into Darkness made; but Star Trek in all its forms has mostly survived my nitpicking. I'll likely never be one to nitpick Star Trek to death.

I won't overly nitpick something that made me smile as much as Star Trek Into Darkness made me smile last night.

(Related, here's one more thing: in this film there's a particular reveal -- no, not that one -- that had me make a slightly squeal-y joy noise and hit the seat in front of me.)
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