Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Family! Friends! Laundry! Lentils!

Unexpected family visit was unexpected. And good.

Late last week Mom got in touch saying she'd be in Portland Saturday, so why not lunch, and I said sure -- then she said And why not take you out to our place for dinner Saturday night, too? And I said That sounds good, too!

So the weekend that already included me willingly waking up early to donate blood -- before which I treated myself to breakfast at My Father's Place in inner SE -- grew to include family time. Mom got to my place Saturday afternoon, after I'd relaxed post-donation by laughing my ass off to my first viewing of Tropic Thunder. (I don't mind seeing that much blood after donating! Before or during, now...) Figuring out my appetite at that moment + Mom's appetite at that moment = it'd be best to split a Big-Ass Sandwich, I suggested we get a Big-Ass Sandwich. We drove up to the pod and Mom had her second-ever sandwich. We split a breakfast sandwich with sausage as its meat.

We also completely unexpectedly ran into my friends Gerald and Sarah, stopping on her way to drop him off at his restaurant job. Hugs and laughs commenced, and Mom got to meet more of my circle of Portland people. THIS IS WHAT IT'S LIKE WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE over a mutual love of Big-Ass Sandwiches.

Then Mom and I got going south -- by a different route than Mom usually goes, because I wanted to show her different scenery than usual. And also show her the now-moved Sellwood Bridge (again, think of that: MOVED). In the wake of the Skagit, Wash. bridge collapse, oy are we glad that the Sellwood's getting replaced.

We relaxed once we were at Mom and Dad's place in Dundee. It's a good house for relaxing. Last night we read, napped, read more, looked after family dogs Mom and Dad were babysitting -- I dealt with dog drool for the first time in a long time! -- and visited. We ended the night with TV, them with Breaking Bad (they've reached Season 2 so far) on their big main TV, me with the finale and reunion of this season's Survivor on my iPad. Yay wifi at another place I go...

This morning I resssssssssssssssssted. Because I could, that's why. Took my time to get out of the guest bedroom, then started laundry. Also I had some leftover lentil soup, a family staple in the cold half of the year, for breakfast. I'm always up for this lentil soup, and their having some was yet another nice bonus. Mom took me home this afternoon, after showing off the landscaping that they and neighbors have done lately. It's a pretty place, where my parents live.

This has been some old-school blogging. "Here's stuff I did!"

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