Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Rant and rave (the Oscars)

The Clinton Street Theater broadcast the 77th annual Academy Awards tonight, and hey, what better place to watch a film awards show than a film theater? So I saw it, and can say this:

WHAT’S IT FRICKIN’ GONNA TAKE TO ACKNOWLEDGE MARTIN SCORCESE? C’mon people, you have a god of a director at the top of his game for 30 years, who quite possibly has NEVER made a bad movie (I refuse to acknowledge frickin’ Shark Tale), and you can’t throw him something?

Okay, the big weight’s off. Now positives: 1) Good job, Chris Rock. You’ve done us Chrises proud. 2) Yay for Cate! Yay for Charlie Kaufman and Company! Yay for Thelma Schoonmaker! And Yay for Hispanic filmmakers and artists getting more recognition in Hollywood. 3) Jamie Foxx, you made me cry. Thank you. 4) The memory of Johnny Carson made me laugh and cry.

And the cutest moment? You didn’t get to see it unless you were at the Clinton Street Theater. Seriously. Counting Crows came on and sang “Accidentally in Love,” from Shrek 2, and while I was joking to myself (I looked at singer Adam Duritz and thought “It’s Marc Shaiman in a fright wig!”), two kids, maybe 4 or 5 years old, got up on the stage in front of the movie screen and started dancing. Dancing, I tell you! We started cheering and applauding the kids. Hell, this place is Portland’s theater for Saturday showings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, so it’s meant for personal performances like that. Excellent.

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