Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Outside. That's where food, flowers, parks, protests, comedy, and, chances to walk are.

Leg update: By this morning I was past the "zombie walk" stage and had reached the "John Wayne" stage. Having my legs fully functional again will be nice.

Sleep update: Um, five hours last night, looks like? And that's catching up with me. EARLY NIGHT, CHRIS. You say that, you need to mean it.

Getting-around update: Decently mobile! But not until this afternoon, as I lollygagged around the apartment in the morning -- trying my best to be funny online while I played the cast commentary from the hilarious and insane Tropic Thunder in the background. Because I made sure Friday to replenish my TriMet tickets and I needed to go to the library this afternoon, I decided It's been several weeks since I've been downtown, so go to the central branch. I did that with a single ticket -- lasting from 1:45-ish to 4:30 and that was enough. Glorious and bright and warm day in downtown, same as most of the Portland area -- looks like any rain in the area didn't reach there (sorry, Heather in Hillsboro) -- and I soaked in some sun and some warmth. I spent a little bit in Pioneer Courthouse Square, which this weekend is half-filled with flowering plants, and saw a near-accident between a bicyclist and a bus. And some minutes later I was online via my iPad and saw that, apparently, a friend had seen the same near-accident, because she'd Tweeted about it. Small world once again.

During this, I almost baby-sat a dog. A man passing through the square asked if he could leave his dog and his backpack near me and if I'd watch to be sure no one molested either the dog or the pack. I was up for that, though the guy was gone less than a minute before he came back saying that the square's restroom was closed. Easiest babysitting ever, though maybe that's why I didn't get paid for it.

Library time followed, and so did enjoying the sight of families enjoying themselves in the Directors Park water fountain. I then went back to Pioneer Courthouse Square in time to see a silent protest of the Turkish government's crackdown on people protesting the pending loss of one of Istanbul's few parks. People held Turkish flags and homemade signs with messages both of support for the protestors and of protest against that government. Quite a few other people photographed the silent protest as well. I observed.

I'm lousy at talking about protest.

My final out-of-home thing today was an impromptu trip to a comedy show. This afternoon I'd heard, via Twitter, from local comedian Ian Karmel that a bar would host stand-up with him and others. The bar is The Lamp, next to the Aladdin Theater and only 10 or so blocks from my place. And I could make it! And I did. I splurged with dinner and beer at The Lamp, and enjoyed the show. I have thoughts about the comedy, but I don't want to take the time to think then write down critic-y thoughts. I want to get this entry done. And it's done now!

*re-reads to be sure he hasn't made an error he'd need to edit, because then strictly speaking it wouldn't be done*
Tags: peregrinations, portland

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