Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Did this, thought of popfiend

Before tonight's dinner at The Lamp, I satisfied a desire of mine and had a milkshake. (By the way, observed: if you leave a strip club mentioning honestly that you're in the mood for a milkshake, someone's going to start singing "My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, and they're like, it's better than yours..." Also observed: this likely wouldn't happen at a gay men's strip club.) Only about three blocks from The Lamp is the Original Hotcake House. There, there're milkshakes, and I stopped there once I was back in SE Portland.

And had a vanilla milkshake. One of three flavors available there, as is true of many places, and why not have vanilla? At McDonald's at least, all milkshakes start out as vanilla milkshakes, then with strawberry or chocolate flavoring added. But I digress. The point is, when I ordered, I thought of popfiend.

He'll know why. And, I hope, smile.

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