Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

It was...a moving experience


There's now much less stuff in the house where two of my friends are (until tomorrow) living, and I'm about one-eighth responsible for what we moved. Or maybe one-ninth: at least one other person was there and gone before I got there. But I have enough (...enough) upper body strength to move and pack things, then unpack them from a UHaul and then re-pack them in a storage locker.

The weather was forgiving: a bit of a breeze, even a bit overcast. Come to think of it, I can't remember ever moving , or helping to move, in bad weather, though maybe I've blocked that out. And we did our best to be in good humor during all of this. Everyone there was, as I like to say, a smart-ass sweetheart.

We'd earned pizza by the time we'd packed the locker, and -- yes! -- pizza was back at the house. Finally a chance just to sit, eat pizza, feed pizza crusts (or "pizza bones" as one of my friends called them) to my friends' dog ("No gluten intolerance for you!" I said to the dog), and visit.

I'm paused on the way home from their place. My dessert: sweet tea and a McFlurry at a McDonalds, because that's what I wanted. Shouldn't have to lift anything heavier than the iPad and a beer tonight. (The friends let me take a beer. I told them, "It's not for the road, it's for after the road.")


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