Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Mediocre Bands

  • Moldplay
  • AD/HD
  • The Bestie Boys
  • Led Balloon
  • The Handy Warhols
  • Bloom County's metal band Breathtöngue
  • Sloth (they were going to write about Tom Sawyer, but never got around to it)
  • Maguire Straits
  • Ex-Tea Sea (someone -- tinhuviel? -- just said "Dear God, indeed")
  • Un.
  • Hugging Molly
  • Pawn (with such hits as "Eh, a Kinda Magic," "Under-Pleasured," and "We Aren't the Champions")
  • Susie and the Antsy
  • Death Cabriolet (a steampunk group)
  • The Smashing Bumpkins
  • Ur
  • Tags: music

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