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Gnats With Knives

How to teach the children of the early Sixties about the dangers of gang life, of knife fights and rumbles and initiations and brass knuckles?

No, not with West Side Story! All that kissing, and that dancing, and that coordination for all of them to be able to snap their fingers...that wouldn't have been what the kids'd be interested in.

What would interest them? A kids' film, of course! This lost Walt Disney-Harlan Ellison collaboration, Gnats With Knives (original title Drowning Echoes of the Drosophilidaen Buzz until the Disney people changed it), would've blown the lid off the lives of rumble kids -- rendered as adorable animated gnats! See the gnat swarm as a visual metaphor for gangs! Thrill to the buzz of the gnats coming up! Be annoyed at a gnat that can fly up your nose...but know the fear of the DAMAGE its slashing can do up there! See the different speeds gnats fly at -- hey, sometimes all teens get tired.

I can see the poster now. Its tag line? "There's no WAY you'll slap us away!"

(Inspired by seeing a gnat while I was carrying a knife. OK, a butter knife.)
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