Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

It's been a hard day's night, that was

I never quite wound down last night. What didn't help is that I had a scare on the road just out of Eugene; a truck didn't give me room to merge, and the best I could do was drive for a bit on pavement between the actual freeway lane on my left and another on-ramp on my right, looking to be sure no obstacles were up ahead and hoping there'd be enough of a gap between cars using that on-ramp for me to get over to that on-ramp. I did, but even THAT onramp seem to disappear into the freeway lane more quickly than I wanted it to. I actually yelled "Are you kidding me?!"

What I should've done then was drive to the next off-ramp, a few miles north, pull over on a side road, and calm down. As it was, I powered through once I was in traffic, but I was stewing in adrenaline and worry. Took a while to come down from that; I had trouble unwinding once I got home, about 9:30.

I'm only barely out of bed now -- I decided I needed as much relaxation time this morning as I could find. Will it be enough?

Remember, Chris, it's a short trip to work and you can get coffee.

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