Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Chris Walsh Does Nothing

I'm amused that right now on Facebook, good wrestler/good writer/good guy Mick Foley is doing what he calls "Mick Foley Does Nothing." He tours a lot, not only for his continued wrestling jobs but also because he's branched out over the years into writing (novels, two autobiographies so far, and now comic books) and also into spoken word/comedy. He said, after he'd done the overwhelming San Diego Comic Con -- I've been there, I know it's overwhelming -- that between then and when he'd start doing appearances again, he'd do nothing. Concertedly.

Of course, "nothing" includes family time, because family doesn't stop and he likes being with his family. He's gone with his family to amusement parks. He's friendly enough to say "Hi" to fans if they see him in person, because he doesn't stop being Mick Foley, someone who people have seen on television many, many times. But he's enjoying a break from most of the professional obligations of being Mick Foley.

I should follow that.

I mean follow that for different reasons. Not because I'm not doing anything, but because I'M NOT DOING ANYTHING WORTH BLOGGING ABOUT. And a lot of my thoughts lately that start out as "I should blog about that" thoughts have evolved into ", I should wait until I've done something about that other than blogging about that" thoughts.

So! Doing nothing for a bit. I'll update you.

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