Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

What was with today today?

Tired, stressed and cranky. That was me for too much of Friday. Didn't start out like that, but it was a wearying work day after a couple other days of wearying work. It's a bad idea to get into details, and also I'm too tired right now to do what Bobbie Winchell does when she rants on Facebook about her difficult customers: she makes it profane and funny.

Remember, Chris: not only did you help a lot of people this week, you had a lot of people specifically thank you for helping them. Hang on to that, especially when the job wears me out.

Last week I did several hours of overtime, and have the larger paycheck (yes!) this week to prove it. But I'm glad I didn't sign up for overtime this week...though I did work 15 minutes longer Thursday night. Every little bit helps.

...there. Still no specifics. May help me to forget the difficult cases.

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