Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Look who trekked to see "Trek":

Trek in the Park's "The Trouble With Tribbles" was seen yesterday by the writer of "The Trouble With Tribbles."

David Gerrold! In the captain's chair, of course.

(You'd be smiling if a) you were Gerrold and had just seen your work performed live or b) you were Adam Rosko and had just performed that work live for its author.)

David Gerrold wrote that episode of Star Trek when he was still in college. That was the start of a career that's still going. He was a surprise guest of Atomic Arts for yesterday's performance of his episode, sitting among the rest of the audience and truly enjoying how the cast was delivering his lines (and his jokes).

I saw actual jaw-drops when, after the show, Adam Rosko announced who was with us that day. Me, I hooted in impressed acknowledgment. He told the audience how he hosted a viewing party on Dec. 29, 1967, when the episode first aired, and one of his friends -- Robert Englund, the future Freddy Kreuger of the Nightmare on Elm Street films -- enthused about how great the episode was and Gerrold replied "It's one episode of one TV show! No one's going to remember it in 20 years!" Nice when that's wrong for good reasons.

After this photo was taken, I got to shake David Gerrold's hand and tell him "It's an honor." I could've started rambling -- how I've been a Trek fan since 9, that I wore out my copy of his 1984 edition of The World of Star Trek, how one of my gateways to science fiction as a kid was his weird, far-from-perfect but ambitious kids' show Land of the Lost (I've cracked before that that show's probably the reason I like both SF and Survivor) -- but I reined myself in. And grinned a lot.
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