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Chris Walsh

The "Trek in the Park" photo post

And now for more about getting to Trek in the Park for "The Trouble With Tribbles" yesterday. PHOTOS AWAIT BELOW THE CUT (unless you clicked the direct link).

First thing I did to prepare yesterday, was get a haircut. And appropriate sideburns:

Starfleet sideburns!

That's as close as I've ever been to Starfleet-regulation hair. Thirty years a fan and only now have I gotten pointed sideburns. (I draw the line at Spock's bangs.)

I knew I didn't have the time to invest in camping out at Cathedral Park -- I got a good seat on August 3rd by showing up two-and-a-half hours before the show -- so I decided to float around and get shots of the crowd. Like this:

My first shot of the crowd.

And this:

Another of the crowd.

A slightly behind-the-scenes shot. The stage is in the middle. Audience to the right. Backstage to the left. Near the middle is Captain Kirk (Atomic Arts co-founder Adam Rosko) about to open a storage compartment. All around all of this: the scenery of Cathedral Park, including the St. Johns Bridge.

Moment of truth for Adam Rosko.


When Tribbles Attack! (They can only attack using gravity.)

And mere seconds after they started cascading over Rosko, a cloud of tribble dander wafted RIGHT AT ME. Imagine how much of it covered Rosko! Good thing neither of us are allergic to Tribbles (or are Klingons).

The aftermath. St. Johns Bridge in background.

Aftermath. Still a beautiful spot!

And, finally for this entry, I'm in the Captain's Chair. Very, very near David Gerrold, who wrote the thing 46 years ago:

Everyone wants to be Captain Kirk.

L to R: Enterprise crewmember/ Atomic Arts makeup person Erin Bray, Adam Rosko as Kirk, me, Ryan Castro (as Chekov; he also played Khan in 2010's "Space Seed"), Royal "Main Mast" Hebert as Korax, and David Gerrold (who, Royal said, "told me that he loved the nuance I brought to Korax. That is a thing that happened. Awesome").
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