Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

It's a lucky thing...

...that some of my job can be done with me off of the phone.

(Hi, I'm posting from lunch. Hm. Put that way, lunch seems like A Place...)

I asked for an off-the-phone assignment today, because I realized I was cranky and impatient...and I felt I was starting to take it out on customers. Bad idea. I'm glad to say I'm getting to do the off-the-phones thing. At least for now.

Get my non-crankiness back, Chris...

More! 10:05 p.m. Edition: Home from it. I should add that today's call volume was far down compared to the past, oh, two weeks, so I felt OK about asking to stay off the phones. I'd've toughed it out if we had been swamped, and probably be really wiped out by now, but I still seem to be thinking semi-coherently. WIN.

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