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This is an earning month.

Tomorrow will be my third Saturday in a row that I work an overtime shift. Why? Because I can. And I should. This wasn't always so obvious to me.

I'm in a near-ideal situation for OT. I'm close to the job; it's literally within walking distance, and I don't mean the way, during the first month I worked at another job in 2009, I usually took an hour's walk home to save on bus tickets*. I don't mean "almost everything is walking distance, eventually." I mean the current office is 15 minutes from where I sleep. Also, it's a job I can do, and also also, it's a job that needs doing.

Which my current bosses have realized, too: we're busy, and we've likely stopped adding people for a bit. The thing is, I've had too many bosses take hours away from me -- ah, hourly people at the mercy of very-high-salaried people -- that I'm really not used to being offered OT. (At times at the construction company job, I was functionally part-time.) And a consequence of that was that, for a while, even after this current job got especially busy, I resisted signing up for overtime. Maybe I thought, at some level, that it wouldn't happen.

Anyway, it'll happen for a bit of time today (I'm starting early this shift), and then tomorrow. Because wherever I move soon, it'll almost certainly not be an easy walk from there to this job. But even then, I should look into earning more while I can. That whole pay-off-the-credit-card-and-save-more-too bit. (For budgeting reasons, this month I've written two credit card payment checks.)

Remember, money does make certain things easier.

* A few days at the start of that job, I even got up early and walked an hour to that job. It was nice weather that spring and I was able to enjoy it. And save money.


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