Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Is it still cute at 90 degrees off?

We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please stand by...

Sunday, my parents visited me here in Portland, and I had a great-good idea to introduce them to the goats (and one rooster) that live on the vacant lot at SE 11th and Belmont. Dad, because he has an iPhone and isn't afraid to use it, got photos of me and Mom meeting one of the newest goats there, a 2-week-old.

Then the technical difficulties. The photos at first refused to save to my journal right side up. If I tilted them in the Paint program I use, they'd appear on their side; if I did nothing but resize and crop, without flipping, they'd appear on their other side.

Finally I got ONE of the two to save properly. I'm declaring partial victory. Behold!

Goat No Touch! 9-15-2013

And now turn your head on the side and behold again!

Goat Touch! 9-15-2013

Edit: Huh. I swear that the second photo (where I'm scratching the goat's head) saved on its side, and showed on its side in the preview. Is this unexpected, accidental victory? If it is, I'll take it!

Edit edit: OK, at different times on different computers (and even on the same device at different times) that second pic has been upright and other times on its side. I cry uncle. Onward...

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