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This sounds promising

Frank Darabont is finally making a film version of Stephen King's The Mist. (And he tells y'all about it at the link.)

This could work. I'm a supporter of the guy, even though I never felt The Green Mile totally worked as a film (but the novel was a damn gut-punch; I teared up reading it). Darabont's already, of course, earned huge whopping chunks of goodwill for giving us the film of Shawshank, which I saw in the theater back in early 1995 at friends' insistence. The friends seemed a little frustrated that so few people were willing to give the film a chance. Obviously people eventually did.

I like that he talks about doing this quick-'n'-dirty, the way Danny Boyle did 28 Days Later (or how Darabont directed the film-within-a-film in The Majestic), because he likes quick-'n'-dirty horror films. This also means that he may more quickly finally get to do a science fiction film; he loves SF but hasn't ever brought that love to his film work, though he's kept hoping to, and I really want to see what he does with that. (In other words, we'll probably still get his adaptation of Fahrenheit 451 one of these decades.)
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