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Today was a Vitaman D day.

As in, I got sun, on one decent-length walk this morning and then one nicely long walk this afternoon/evening. Sun is precious, especially after the heavy-ish rains Portland's had for over half the past week.

Wisp- and contrail-streaked blue skies were above me in my "Celebrating the Arts" ballcap as I first bussed and then walked a nice, long round trip through SE Portland, stopping at places to either visit goats, use wifi, or eat and drink. Cartopia at SE 12th and Hawthorne, Goat Field (remember this?), a Bank of America branch (for ATM reasons), Side Door for iced tea, a mocha and pasta salad -- plus online updates on what turned out to be an Oregon Ducks pounding of the Colorado University Buffaloes -- a bit of SE Burnside so I could get over to the Eastbank Esplanade, down that path to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (maybe the only museum with a submarine parked next to it) and the light rail bridge forming over the Willamette -- no, I didn't walk on it, it's sort of NOT OPEN and not yet connected to the shores either -- and then other sites and sights in Industrial Inner SE until I made one last stop for dinner at Southeast Grind. Then home.

I also decided at one points during this that "Auktoberfest" is how it should be branded in New Zealand. I THINK BETTER ON WALKS.

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