Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

How seriously do I think this?

I've sometimes thought of taking a coat with me as "rain insurance." Not for keeping the rain off of me if it rains; no, for making sure it doesn't rain. Which is magical thinking that really doesn't work, at least not in drop-drenched northwestern Oregon, but today I was driving on errands, saw raindrops, and thought Darn! I should've brought a coat! Then it wouldn't have rained!

Though that was the only rain I ran into today. Barely a drizzle. It stayed dry the rest of the afternoon, which is good as I was wearing my very comfortable Big-Ass Sandwiches hoodie. Here's to good hoodie weather.

I avoided the rain for the rest of the day. And that included a bank errand, library time (dropping off stuff, picking up stuff, and reading online), walking the half-hour walk from the Belmont library to Beulahland for late lunch (plus pie!), walking back to the library -- I'm predictable -- then getting groceries.

I'm glad y'all don't read me for excitement. Except for the suspense of whether it'll rain.

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