Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Oh, was that comedy?

Today, gravity was not my friend.

I had a dropping-stuff day, it felt like. Got almost comic when I was preparing to floss, and when I grabbed the loose end of the floss I accidentally let go of the container full of floss, and ZWWWWWWWIP it felt toward the floor pulling out feet and feet of floss...and my first reaction was to try to pull it back up quicker than the floss was unspooling. AND I ALMOST DID IT. But the floss container did hit the floor. Um, I think twice. And while leaning over in my attempt to stop it, my glasses fell out of my shirt pocket.

I just need not to pay the gravity bill.

Some dropping happened at work, too. And other drama, thank goodness mainly over the phone, except when my crankiness spilled out. I asked a supervisor (facetiously) if I could make fun of one demanding customer. It was that kind of day.

How soon will I fall into bed? Probably by the time y'all read this.

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