Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

In my way, in your way

"That side-eye was for him, not you," I told the security guard.

This is what lead to that: I was entering the Gregory Heights branch of my county's library, and as I turned from the outer door I'd just gone through to the inner door into the actual library, I saw a guy almost marching. Towards the inner door I was about to enter. I sidestepped to the left. He pushed through, grim-faced. (Pushing through Grimm-faced would've been funnier, but we can't have everything. Fun show, by the way. But I digress.)

That guy wasn't going to divert to the usually-standard-in-the-U.S. right-hand door. I decided not to push it and risk him running into me. But in good passive-aggressive practice, I looked at him as he marched away and gave him a Look. Then realized that my look had intersected with the gaze of the guard. The one I mentioned, remember? He's aforementioned. I broke off eye contact, then decided that wasn't clear enough: I only want to be passive-aggressive at CERTAIN SELECT PEOPLE. So I apologized to the guard. He accepted that and said about the guy "He made some comment. People make comments."

I do try to be someone who apologizes. I wonder if Marching Grim Guy ever apologizes, or is too wrapped up in himself to notice things he does that he should apologize for.

No particular huge point to this, but a blog entry doesn't necessarily have to have a point, right?

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