Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

This post should have pictures, but I didn't bring a camera. Deal.

In news that is not news, I have a neat-looking neighborhood.

I'm probably too used to it, though, and, unfortunately, a little bored with parts of it. So I made sure this morning to walk farther afield; wound up as far south as Crystal Springs Rhododendron Gardens (well, its entrance; I didn't have money for admission) and Reed College, across SE 28th Ave. from it. To get there, I walked through industrial areas, including past and near the Brooklyn Rail Yard. And no, I didn't jog along the tracks like Rocky; I just watch the trains, the engines, and the equipment, like the giant wheeled gantry cranes (kind of like this, but bigger) that move containers between trains and trucks. Huge, yellow, and blocky, those lifters remind me of a supersized version of what Ripley drives in Aliens. They also make me wonder: How do you learn to drive that? It's almost like driving a building.

There's warehouses and other industrial-type places to the east of the rail yard, and I walked side streets there so as to be farther from traffic, and to see different streets than I normally see. Nicely, I reached the end of one road that for cars is a dead end but for walkers isn't, as there's a little path back to SE 28th. It's along the north edge of Eastmoreland Golf Course. I've only been along the edge of that course; I'm not a golfer, and I find it kind of hilarious that a sign next to a path from the street onto the course first warns that non-members who take that route are trespassing, then says to "please consider" visiting Portland's actual parks. Quite genteel, polite passive-aggression; well done, Portland. *grins*

By the way, while walking along the path at the golf course's north edge, I saw a squirrel launch itself from the chain-link fence to a tree trunk. Action squirrels make me (and probably elionwyr) smile.

Reed College is purrrrrrrrrrty. If you've seen the Leverage episode "The Experimental Job," you've seen the campus. Probably the most famous alumni of the place are Steve Jobs and the guy we now know as Dr. Demento, but I digress. I walked quietly, figuring hungover college students deserved the silence. (Are they enjoying the silence? Maybe...) Among the places I went past were a building the construction company I used to work for has built in the time since I got fired from there, so I reflected on the weirdness of that job, and also a student union where people were getting their morning food. I almost went in, but figured that might not be kosher considering I'm not a student, a staff member, or related to anyone who is, though I'm sure the people there would've appreciated my Big-Ass Sandwiches hoodie. So I stayed outside. Plenty of pretty outside to be in.

I also found a place near the small lake in the middle of campus where I discovered it'd be really easy to slip, slide down a slightly tilted metal grate, and fall right into that lake. No, I didn't find that out the hard way, but my vivid imagination extrapolated. I stayed dry! And then headed towards home, which was good timing because it got windier and colder. Feels nice in my place right now. As it should.

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