Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

The Evil Mansplainer

I've mansplained.

I've gotten shut the hell down for the times I've mansplained.

"Mansplaining," on the off-off-off chance I need to define it for anyone, is a man (almost always a man) explaining something to someone (almost always a woman) who almost certainly knows more about the subject than you do. It's obnoxious and aggravating and I've done it. I like to think I've done it accidentally, not intentionally, but I need not to do it at all.

Or, alternately, make fun of it.

I imagine going to a convention as a character named the Evil Mansplainer. I picture him looking smug, because after all, he knows everything, yes? (I also picture him looking kind of like Arnold Schwarzenegger, for some reason.) Or maybe he's earnest, wanting Facts! To! Be! Known! I can be earnest. I could do that.

But would it be seen as a joke? Would it be seen as satire? How do I signal that I think mansplaining is wrong by doing that? It'd be too easy to be too subtle. You don't want to hit anyone over the head with it.

Maybe I should just dress up for a con as Tom Leykis. No, that would be misinterpreted, too.

Edited to point out that men almost always do this, as I should have said and as skitty pointed out

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