Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

You can't say "cold" without "old"

Huzzah! Portland's about to get a balmy 40 degrees!

We've had, by Portland standards (I know, I know, not by Minnesota standards, disclaimer added so that I'm acknowledging the intrepid zarhooie), a cold snap. Yesterday added freezing fog to the mix, twice (in the morning and at night). But! Warming up, relatively speaking, should happen today. Should. I hope.

I'm officially old, because I get crankier in the cold now.

I got crankier last winter partly because, in the year preceding it, I'd lost weight. Less fat on me to keep the warmth in -- I was poorer, not eating as well or as much, and working a physical job (the printing press). A year later I've been doing call center work, from a desk, instead of lifting and stacking large amounts of printed paper. Some of that weight's back. And I'm still cold.


In the time between last winter and this one, the weather got hot. But I told myself earlier this year "I will do my best never to complain about the heat again." I'll do my best to hold to that even when I visit the East Coast in the summer and deal with the humidity, humidity that made me sick as a kid but which I can handle now. I'll say "bring it on!" to the heat when I run into it next. Same with humidity. But the cold? I've been huddling against it. Cocooning. Figuring bears have the right idea. Fighting against it by braving the cold, say, last Saturday so my friend Heather and I could see Catching Fire, but at the moment it feels like a fight.

I'll deal with it. I always do. I like having excuses to wear my caps (one of them a cool Too Much Coffee Man cap I won at Geek Trivia once) and my neat scarf. Driving today, I let myself turn on my car's heat; hey, sometimes I forget I'm allowed. And I kind of wanted to say "thank you" to the gas station attendants who are pumping gas in Oregon right now, even while Oregon is colder than the southern half of Alaska. I figure I might have let that slip out if I'd started talking to them about the weather. "Thanks for being out in the cold! By the way, it's cold!" That wouldn't have helped.

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