Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Indeed I helped. Sort of. Maybe.

I deserve a cookie. A customer who didn't know the rules of a certain program was apparently mad enough about not being able to take advantage of that program that he said he wouldn't shop for the chain I'm a cell center rep for, and I didn't say as Randal Graves-ly as possible "You'll be missed."

I could've made an exception, but I'm not going to if I feel someone's just trying to take unfair advantage. I can be lenient. I kind of like being lenient. I like that this job allows me to make exceptions, and (for instance) say "Well, since this didn't work, we can give you a credit for that instead." Help people. Make them happy. But apparently, some people don't want to be made happy. OH WELL.

In other news from the job today, one call lasted for 24 minutes about one free soft drink. Though I think I made that customer happy...
Tags: work

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