Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

A quiet start

You already know I'm unexciting. It won't surprise you that I deliberately had a quiet New Year's Eve. I wasn't even sure I'd stay up until midnight, but I did...and then, annoyingly, ran into the problem of my body going Feh, I'll stay awake. I would've gotten to sleep circa 12:30 that first morning of 2014, but instead I wound up still awake at 2:14. Feh, I say (not just my body can say it!).

So I had good incentive to a) take it VERY easy yesterday and b) try to get tired in the second half of the day. And it worked. I slept HARD last night. Also had a dream where I was working in a car repair shop run by Vin Diesel, and I wound up first doing a genuinely stupid thing that damaged equipment and then apologizing to a pissed-off Vin Diesel for doing so. "I was the dumbass who turned it on," Dream-Me told him.

(No, Vin Diesel wasn't in my dream that way. "That way" would be more likely to feature Michelle Rodriguez, is all I'm saying. Diesel is a handsome guy, I'll grant that...)

((...and now I want to watch more of the Fast and Furious films...))

There. A non-dramatic start to 2014 for me. May the drama in my life and your lives be mostly the happy and fun kinds...
Tags: dreams

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